Technologies in PH Legal System

Legal System in its digital era!

By adapting new rules, the government is fulfilling its commitment to prioritize and implement digitalize services in addressing the needs suitable to the current approaches in this modern period.

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Parental Authority Substitution for Illegitimate Children

Parental Authority for cases of illegitimate children is granted solely to the mother, and as to this jurisprudence, the Supreme Court ruled that grandparents shall exercise parental authority in cases of mother’s absence.

The Supreme court based their ruling from the law specified in the Family Code.

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Along with the declaration of nullity of marriage, annulment is one of the thorough procedures that Philippine laws have to invalidate marriage.

What makes marriage voidable? Learn more about its grounds and effects.

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Declaration of Nullity of Marriage

Declaration of Nullity of Marriage is considered that marriage has never existed.
What are the grounds and effects that marriage has been considered void from the beginning?

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Benefits of Legal Retainer

The cause is more than the cost, your business deserves to have its personal retainer now!

Know more about this type of compensation agreement that you could avail with lawyers for future services.

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Legal Processes on Marriage Nullification

Marriage nullification is one of the seemingly endless affairs that our society deliberates about. What is it that we have to understand about these different modes of marriage nullification?

Learn through our July’s series on this significant matter.

Cebu Trip 2024

The Queen City of the South has been selected as the location for this year’s unforgettable team building event!

The excursion was attended by partners from CCPC and CC&Co., along with their families, and the staff of both law and accounting firms. Indeed, this out of town trip is more than just travel, but an opportunity to gaze the beauty of our country’s sceneries while upholding to strengthen the bond of each other.