Tax Reform Act

An act that sought to implement a policy that would widely benefit the taxpayers in terms of sustainability, equitability, and efficacy.

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Slander and Slander by Deed

Slander vs. Slander by Deed? It’s important to know the difference!

People often mistakenly interchange the two, but we are here to help you understand them better.

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Christmas and Year-End Party 2022

A White Christmasque!

The CCPC Law Offices together with its sister accounting firm CC & Co celebrated their annual Christmas and year-end party last December 20, 2022 at Marco Polo Hotel, Pasig City. This year’s theme is inspired by a masquerade ball and the party’s motif was white. The christmas and year-end party was dubbed as “White Christmasque” wherein the employees were encouraged to wear white elegant casuals and pair it with a masquerade mask.

The event was graced by the presence of the partners and their family members, with the associate lawyers, accounting associates, key managers and administrative staff. It was a night of festivity wherein the employees showcased a myriad of talents which include singing, dancing, and acting. Several employees were also awarded plaques of appreciation for their years of service and work performance for the calendar year. Over-all, it was a memorable night for the two firms and every employee went home with a grateful and happy heart.